Fun ways to summarize your presentation

Posted by Metamorph Training Pvt Ltd on September 13, 2009 at 7:44 AM Comments comments (4519)

Think of the last presentation you attended. Do you recall what was covered in the presentation? If you remember more than 2 /3 points covered, then it is probably because the presenter summarized the presentation at regular intervals.

Since most presentations have al linear flow, it is easy to forget what was covered at the start. Summarizing need not be a boring acitivity. Here are some interesting ways of summarizing

- Conduct a fun quiz of points covered

- Ask questions and let audience answer about what was covered

- Use an example/ case study to check understanding and memory

- Request audience members to participate in revision

- Ask audience to solve problems

Whatever method you use, summarise as often as you can. It gives the audience a clear view of where your thought flow started from.




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