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This comprehensive CD contains:

  • Practical content created for Indian audience
  • The Minimal™ rules for cold calling success
  • Complete voice over by professional narrator
  • Audio examples of good and bad calls
  • Handy printable workbook to help you create your own script
  • Exercises / Quiz to check understanding
  • Cold calling scripts from different industries


SAMPLE from Cold Calling for Appointments CD

lease click on PLAY button and wait a few moments for the presentation to load. Ensure that your speakers or headphones are ON.   Picture and voice quality has been reduced for faster download.


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The actual CD does not require any software to be installed on your machine.

                                  SAMPLE: SCRIPT OPENING STAGE                                           



  This CD answers questions like:

  • How to overcome fear of cold calling?
  • How to create a cold calling script that maximizes your chances for appointment?
  • How to ask ‘turnaround’ question to handle objections?
  • How to ask ‘tipping question’ to make customers want to meet you?
  • How to define and target preferred prospects?
  • How to analyze your script using the ‘4 factors test’?
  • How to follow the right work habits for cold calling?
  • What are the common mistakes sales people make in cold calling and how to avoid them?

 This CD is useful for sales people from all industries!

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