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Common Presentations made in an  Uncommon Way

10 smart ready-to-use presentations made using MINIMAL™ approach

If you are tired of the same old presentations on regular topics like time management, building relationships, etiquette etc. then its time to invest in Common Presentations made in an uncommon way.  A completely new way of looking at presentations, that will leave your audience asking for more!

This CD has 10 smart presentations you can instantly use anywhere, anytime. Contains...

  • Complete presenter notes
  • Activities, exercises and clear action points
  • Visual Slides with stunning images
  • Old topics in a completely new approach, guaranteed to keep your audience engaged right till the end!

If you are a trainer or you manage a team, this CD is the

perfect solution for you! Contains more than 300 slides

     What is in Common Presentations CD?

Please click on play and wait a few moments for the presentation to load 

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           SAMPLE: How to Set Efective Goals          

 Note: Presenter notes are NOT visible in this online version.


Topics in this CD...

  1. How to set effective goals
  2. How to provide that little ‘extra’ in service
  3. How to create new habits
  4. How to build stronger business relationships
  5. How to manage time
  6. How to test the effectiveness of your communication
  7. How to sell the value of your product better
  8. How to present yourself professionally
  9. How to groom for success
  10. How to work as a team



Presentations made in a way that your audience will remember long after!

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