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Browse Premium Presentation templates for business users. Change the way you present with these professional High-Quality PowerPoint Templates.


Ready Content on CD

Powerful Presentations CD teaches MINIMAL approach in a step-by-step simple manner. The CD contains examples, exercises and quiz to aid in self-learning. To know more visit the Presentation Process Website Product Page

Using this unique approach we have also created CDs that help managers and  trainers communicate better. 

Cold Calling for Appointments CD: A unique step-by-step guide to getting more appointments over the phone. A one-of-a-kind CD for Indian sales professionals. Contains workbook, script samples from different industries and complete voice over for easy self-learning. To know more visit the Product Details Page

Fire Up : Inspirational CD has 20 motivational audiovisuals that can be used in any training, huddle, sales meeting to pep up the energy of the team for more productivity.To know more visit the Product Details page.

Common Presentations made in an uncommon way is an extremely high quality resource for trainers and managers. It consists of MINIMAL™ presentations on commonly made topics like Time Management, Maintaining Business Relationships, Business Etiquette etc. Refer Product Details page.


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