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Advanced Content Creation Workshop for Trainers /Custom  Instruction Design Workshop

Very well-structured, covered whatever is required, met all the objectives discussed or what was asked for by the participants. Lots of Games and examples used. There were real life situations taken which can actually help us to apply the learnt knowledge in practice.-Vipula, Training team, Retail brokerage firm


Would like to thank Ram and you personally for conducting such a wonderful workshop. After the workshop, I had to travel to Cochin, to deliver a Life Skills training workshop. This training had so far no PPT presentation and I decided to give it a shot. Must say, on applying all the techniques we learnt, was able to come up with content for good 3 days in as low as 8 hours flat !! Also, this time when I made PPT, it was not normal…. It was out of the world. It was not only appreciated by my peers but also the participants.- Saurabh, Learning Center, IT Company

 Logical flow of the content is extremely impressive. Very thought provoking sessions, interesting as well. Got a new dimension to content development.  Just perfect in all possible ways! -Sambit, Content Team, Life Insurance Co.

Very relevant. Distinguishs between different types of content and shows the suitable/ correct approach to develop them. Good mix of various tools and more important at relevant points. -Pallav, Training team ,General Insurance co.

The content was crisp, interesting and just as per my need. The methodology was very participative, interesting and stimulating.- Abhijit, Training Team, Pharmaceutical Co.

When I started developing training content, it was a nightmare for me. However, the ‘Advanced Content Creation Workshop’ taught me a unique ‘Minimal Approach’ that helps develop content in simple and easy manner. Using of visuals and games really helped me make training more interactive and fun. Now I enjoy working on content development. Thank you Ram and Arte for such a wonderful learning which I will cherish through out my life.- Hemlata, Dty Manager Training, Retail Company

The content creation workshop was very organized, planned and had a good ambiance. The material was crisp and relevant, and the program had a proper flow. A very interactive session! Trainers had a professional approach to training and gave proper replies to queries. I was very happy to attend and look forward to attend more workshops.- Vinay, Dty Vice President, Retail Liabilities Training, Bank

Content was crisp and knowledgeable. Good examples. AVs were good to be used for any type of audience. Link to use the different approach was made clear. And leaned to justify what we train better.-Veena, Training Manager, Securities Co.

The content creation workshop was a huge hit with the team. There was a lot of ground to cover in a short period of 2 days but Ram handled it very well. The training session was invaluable. It was very informative and very well thought out and we were able to see how the concepts can be applied back at work for various programs.Ram moved at a pace everyone was comfortable with and presented the material in a confident manner recapping the various concepts several times during the workshop. The part on Analogies and Games was specifically very useful and intriguing. Thanks Ram and Arte. You did make a difference. Amrita, Associate VP , Distribution Training, Life Insurance Co.

The content was good and made me think out of the box. Methodology used was good as it gave hands on knowledge of how to use the skills. -Prachi, Training Manager, BPO Services

Good. Gave a lot of insights about the improvement that needs to be made in the content presenetly used by us. Helped to change our old school of thoughts.- Manohar, Training team, Life Insurance Co.

Presentation Skills Workshop for Managers

Content is very appropriate especially found the use of images very useful. Good combination of AVs/ Slides/ Images.-Lloyd, Senior Manager, bank

Content was apt to make a point. All methodologies were equally used. Nice presentations.- Mandar, Consultant, IT company

Excellent content. Will certainly help us. Amazing use of video aids and regular interaction was commendable.-Rishi, Team manager, BPO Services

 Leadership / Relationship Management/ Communication and other Customized workshops

Practical examples along with theoretical concepts. Participation, continuous involvement throughout the session. Revision , continuous reminder about the learning.-Simar, Senior Manager, Insurance Co.

The content was detailed and to the point. The ‘AV’ was a superb idea and will remain in the memory for a long time. -Abhinay, Manager, Bank

The three things which I liked most about the program was the training delivery, examples – which proved some success stories, knowledge provided was the very best. Everything is outstanding but need more time for training.-Varinder, Senior Manager, Insurance Co.

No doubt ‘YOU’ are the best. Always it is our pleasure to be with you in training.- Saurav, Relationship Manager, Bank


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